What do billboards cost?

We wish we could tell you an easy answer, like all billboards cost “x” amount per month, however, every billboard is priced differently based on location and traffic count. Our billboards range from $300 to $4000 a month. Billboards closer to cities with heavy traffic are going to be more expensive than billboards in rural areas. Pricing is based on a 12 month contract, but we can certainly accommodate shorter term contracts.


Are there any additional costs beyond my monthly rate?

Our monthly cost includes artwork, vinyl production, vinyl installation, and illumination. Additional costs only incur if you chose to have an extension (a part of the design that extends off the side or top of the billboard), or apron (extra piece that sits below the ad; commonly used for web addresses and phone numbers), or if you choose to have your billboard lights on past midnight.


Do billboards really work?

Absolutely, 100% yes! Of course, you already know we’re going to say that. Consider, though, that we’re just one of many billboard companies that’s been in this business for decades. We think this proves the world’s oldest form of advertising is still relevant. You don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s a few blog posts from some outside sources discussing the effectiveness of OOH (Out of Home) advertising:

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How are billboards produced?

Back in the early days of Porlier, ads were painted directly on the billboard face. Artwork was done by a series of cutting and pasting, and patterns were typically used to transfer the design from paper to the billboard. A lot has changed in thirty years. Ads are now created on a computer, the file is uploaded over the internet to our printing company, and the ad is printed on high quality vinyl by what’s best described as a desktop printer for giants. These impressive machines have print heads similar to a regular printer but can span about 16′ wide and are loaded with special UV inks that withstand the elements. Once the vinyl has been printed, it’s shipped to our shop for installation.


How are billboards installed?

All four sides of the vinyl are finished with 3” pockets. Our installers wrap the vinyl around the billboard face, essentially like an enormous tarp. They feed fiberglass bars through each of the pockets along the edges and attach ratchet straps from the fiberglass bars to the steel billboard structure. This stretches the vinyl tight around the billboard face. All the straps are pulled neatly behind the billboard face, keeping our clients ads distraction-free.


How long before I see my billboard posted?

Once you’ve signed a contract and supplied us with any logos, photos, and information for your design, we’ll have completed layouts back to you for review in about 3 to 4 days. Once you’ve approved the design, production and installation of the vinyl typically take 10 to 14 days, pending weather.


Can I supply my own artwork?

Sure! Keep in mind, we have an artist on staff and we’re happy to create your ad for no additional cost. We know which fonts, colors, and text size will read best and we can tailor artwork to be location-specific. For example, a billboard that has a long highway read will be designed differently than a billboard that sits at a stoplight. If you choose to supply your own layout, we’ll let you know if we have concerns about the readability and we’ll offer recommendations. We’re very passionate about making sure your billboard is successful because we value our long-term client relationships. That said, we will certainly proceed with any design you choose.


How do I submit artwork and what file types do you accept?

We have a handy artwork page with a link to our art specs, which include file requirements here. You can also find our ftp upload link on the artwork page. While you’re there, be sure to check out our creative guide for helpful tips on creating successful layouts.


Can I have photographs on my ad?

Absolutely! We encourage photographs, as they work very well to grab motorists attention. If you have a photograph of yourself, all we need is a high resolution file. Professional photos are best as the lighting is adjusted accordingly to make you look your best. If you’d like a photo of a specific object, or maybe a generic photo, such as kids playing or a fire hydrant (hey, you never know!) we have access to thousands of images through our stock photography website. If you decide on a stock image, we purchase the photo file for your billboard at no additional cost to you because we want your ad to look professional…and because we proudly belong to the self-proclaimed “no blurry images or poor color quality” club.


How long will my ad last?

Our standard vinyls are warrantied for 12 months against fading. For longer term contracts, we offer both a 2 year and 5 year guaranteed vinyl. These longer term vinyls are printed in a similar way, however, an automotive grade paint is used instead of UV ink.


Will my ad be lit up at night?

All of our billboards are illuminated from dusk until midnight for no additional cost. We also have the capability to set your lights at different settings if you desire. For example, your billboard can be lit from dusk until dawn, or dusk until 2:00 a.m, or even during the early morning hours if you prefer. Feel free to contact us if you’d like a quote for lighting that extends beyond our standard dusk until midnight illumination.


What type of billboard lighting do you use?

Over the years, we have utilized 400 watt Holophane lights, which are both bright and dependable. That being said, we place a high importance of staying up to date with the latest lighting technology. In 2015, we began the process of converting our billboards to LEDs because they are brighter, more efficient, environmentally friendly, and burn at cooler temperatures. They also have a much longer life than traditional lighting. We finished converting our inventory to LEDs in 2018.


What if my billboard lights are out?

Each of our billboards are equipped with a state-of-the-art light monitoring system that instantly reports bulb outages and power losses. We’re able to connect to each of our signs remotely, check and change the lighting schedules, and get readings of the power going to each sign. The units automatically adjust for Daylight Savings. We can also run light maintenance and proof of performance reports. This system has been extremely beneficial in reporting outages because we’re aware of lighting issues immediately. Bulb and power outages are one of our top priorities and we respond to and remedy all lighting issues as quickly as possible.


What if my ad is damaged in high winds or a storm?

We’ve all seen the tattered vinyls hanging off billboards, sometimes for months or even years. In thirty years, we’ve only had a handful of damaged vinyls. We use some of the thickest vinyl material on the market. Our ratchet straps are replaced regularly so they don’t snap or dry-rot. If, in a rare instance, a storm were to damage a vinyl, we will order a new vinyl immediately and have the replacement ad posted ASAP. Faded and torn vinyls reflect badly on our company and we pride ourselves in our structures appearance.


Is there anything you won’t advertise?

We have the advantage of being a privately owned company, therefore, there are a handful of services and products we will not allow on our billboards, mainly of the “adult” nature. We keep our advertising family-friendly. If there’s a request to post anything we wouldn’t want our children or grandchildren to see, we will graciously deny that business.


How does Porlier Outdoor Advertising Company differ from other billboard companies?

Instead of utilizing an “a la carte” structure, we include artwork, standard vinyl production, installation, and lighting in one monthly fee.

We bill our standard contracts in monthly intervals, whereas some companies have changed to 4-week billing cycles. Many clients don’t realize that these 4-week cycles result in 13 invoices per year instead of 12, giving the billboard company an additional months pay.

In regards to the artwork, if you supply your own, we state any concerns we have about the readability of the design before producing the ad. We have years of experience in this industry and have seen everything from amazing to internet-worthy fails. While most clients appreciate our up-front approach, in no way do we mean to offend anyone. An illegible ad reflects poorly on both our client and our company so we try very hard to be sure your end result is the best design possible.

We use only seamless vinyl material, whereas smaller printers may print ads in sections and seam the pieces together with a heat gun. We’ve found seams can break apart in high winds or during the installation process.

We’re proudly known for our “cream-colored” structures and we place high importance on keeping them painted and rust-free. Keeping the vegetation cut around our structures is also a top priority. An ad blocked by trees isn’t going to do an advertiser any good.

Whether your company consists of 1 employee or 1000, or whether you’re renting 1 sign or 10, we treat all of our clients with equal importance. Being a smaller company ourself, we appreciate the suppliers that truly value our business and don’t shun us for bigger fish. We employ this same model because we value our client relationships as much as our vendor relationships.


If you have any questions that we haven’t answered, feel free to contact us by phone or email. We’d love to hear from you!