We Love Billboards!

We hope to freshen the face of billboards by delivering content to help you decide if outdoor advertising is good fit for your company.

The world of advertising is changing. Customers are spending lots of time on the web, prompting more companies to move their advertising budget to the internet. Other forms of advertising have been diminishing over the last few years, yet outdoor advertising has shown continued growth. Billboards can’t be turned off, fast forwarded, clicked closed, or overlooked, which makes them a relevant advertising source in our busy lives.

Since 1988, Porlier Outdoor Advertising Company has been providing customers with bold, effective billboard advertising from St. Louis to Kansas City. Though we have about 320 billboard faces, we remain a small, family-oriented company. We’re real people who wear a lot of hats. We view each other and our contractors as an extension of our own family. Like family, we have our own hobbies and interests, but we all have one thing in common: we happen to love billboards. We believe in what we do because we know outdoor advertising works if it’s done right.

Want more billboard information? We’d love to help! Contact our sales team at 636-463-2100 or info@porlier.biz