The Advantages of Digital Billboards

With the excitement of our fourth digital billboard being added to our inventory, we thought this would be a great time to discuss the advantages of digital billboards.

Don’t get us wrong, we love static billboards and all they have to offer! Having your ad displayed prominently in the sky for all to see has big advantages, whether seen by daily commuters, local residents, or travelers. Both static and digital billboards can direct people to your business, amp up your web traffic, advertise a new product, or build brand awareness.

With a static billboard, your business, product, or brand are being advertised solely on your selected billboard. A vinyl is printed and installed and motorists will see your ad until at least midnight, or longer if you opt in for all night lighting. On a digital billboard, your ad will rotate with 5 to 6 other advertisers 24/7. There are big gains that can come from digital advertising. Let’s dig in!

Change Designs

The biggest advantage of digital advertising is the ability and ease of changing out your ads. The digital software is intuitive and can be programmed to run multiple designs within your rotation. Having a week long sale? Advertise it! Having a different sale the next week? Another layout can be added the following week without the production cost and time constraints of producing a new vinyl. Walter’s Jewelry has utilized this feature by switching their content using monthly birthstones.

Mulitple Ads

One of the biggest hurdles for clients new to billboard advertising is keeping the design simple enough to be impactful and legible to motorists. Less is always more in billboard advertising! Information can be divided into multiple ads within your rotation to keep each ad easy to read from a distance. Ranken Technical College offers many programs and has done a great job of rotating multiple ads within their campaign.


The scheduling software’s ability to day-part ads can be a great benefit to your campaign. Day-parting means ads can be split however you’d like: weekly, daily, or even hourly! For instance, does your restaurant offer a breakfast special? We can schedule an ad to rotate only in the morning, with a lunch special scheduled to follow up mid-morning. Yo! Salsa did a great job rotating their daily specials each day of the week.

Time and Temperature

The digital software has a built in feature that pulls up-to-the-minute time and temperature. This is a great option that advertisers can utilize within their artwork. Freedom Restoration and Roofing and Immaculate Heart of Mary have utilized this feature nicely.

Weather Triggered

Along with the weather feed, individual ads can be scheduled to play only during certain weather events. For example, while raining or snowing, a specific ad can be set to override all the other ads within that rotation. Gutter Duck pushed out a creative design that garnered extra attention in the rain.


Do you have an upcoming event, a sale that’s ending soon, or a date you’d like motorists to remember? Follow the lead of Walter’s Jewelry, who once again, utilized the digital billboards to their full extent. By placing a countdown reminder to Valentine’s Day, Walter’s clients felt the nudge that time was running out. A countdown is a great way to create urgency for your product or sale.

Sports Scores

Who doesn’t like to see live sporting event scores? Post a shared passion for your favorite sport teams as a clever way to get your business name out there without promoting only your services. Be the business that keeps sports fans in the loop and create a feeling of community.


We hope this information has been helpful in determining the most effective way to utilize digital billboards! Want more digital billboard information? Contact us at 636-463-2100 or email at