3D Billboard Bell Rings When Child Gets Last Chemo Treatment

Photo courtesy of St. Louis Post Dispatch

Ever wonder if 3D elements are worth the expense when utilizing billboard advertising? When done right, the payoff can be huge, and even emotional. St. Louis Children’s Hospital has done a wonderful job in captivating our local area and touching our hearts as well.

When a child completes their last round of chemotherapy, tradition has been that the patient gets to ring a bell to be heard through much of the hospital. Now, thanks to this innovative billboard, the St. Louis community will also hear that bell along Interstate 44 near Big Bend Blvd. The 12-foot 3D bell is linked to an app which is triggered by a staff member from their phone. The billboard is equipped with speakers so motorists can hear the ring!

About 5-10 kiddos a month complete chemotherapy at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. We hope to be one of the lucky motorists to hear this bell ring in celebration!

Here’s a great YouTube video of the bell installation posted by our local news source, KMOX Radio 1120: