Extreme Bugs Billboard is Extremely Brilliant

We love the Extreme Bugs billboard our client, Union Station, in Kansas City, Missouri has done. Check out their ad, we think you’ll agree.

Union Station

Union Station’s Extreme Bugs billboard utilizes the WOW factor billboards offer

In our business, we talk a lot about the importance of simple and clean billboard designs. We stress this so often because a strong design can make or break your ROI. The perfect billboard location can be diminished by an ad full of clutter, hard-to-read text, and muted colors. Union Station’s design, however, shows off the elements we stress to our clients. Bold text, bright colors, and the larger-than-life extensions demand the attention of traveling motorists. Minimal words make the message clear and concise. Union Station’s Extreme Bugs ad is an excellent example of utilizing the WOW factor billboards offer.

Well done, Union Station!

Want to see more of Union Station’s Extreme Bugs exhibit? Visit their site at https://www.unionstation.org/bugs/

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