Digital billboards are essentially giant television screens used to deliver multiple messages per minuteAt Porlier, our screens utilize the latest LED technology to ensure we stay at the top of our game in the competitive digital market. We limit our messages to six advertisers per minute with each ad having a 10 second viewing time. This ensures your ad gets optimal play time in the market. Our digital screens run 24/7, so you’re sure to catch motorists day and night.

Our screens differ from many in the St. Louis market because they boast a seamless edge-to-edge image, making your business stand out from the rest. We also have more individual LED diodes per face than other 14 x 48 billboards in the area, ensuring your image is crisp and sharp. The diodes in each single LED have more dye than the industry standard, so you can expect the most vibrant and brilliant colors available from our digital displays.

So give us a call today…because your future clients are looking right now!




Short term available.

Perfect for retail sales and business promotions!

Day-part your ads. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner specials?

Change your message multiple times a day!

Flexible rate programs. Free ad campaign and design.

Get the most out of your advertising dollars!

Unlimited content change.

Change your message multiple times a week, day, or hour!

RSS feed available.

Display date, time, temp, and sport scores! Or countdown to your sales and events!

71W 38.8087 -90.8792

South side of I-70, 3/10 mile west of Wentzville Parkway (Pearce Blvd); Eastbound, right hand read

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227E 38.79735 -90.8234

South side of Highway 40, 900 feet west of Prospect Road; Westbound, left hand read

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