We think 2021 grads should be celebrated in a BIG way! Honoring your graduate with a billboard is a great way to create a unique memory. Choose from one of the templates below and we will personalize the layout with your grad’s information and photo. Your ad will be placed on one of our three digital billboards in Wentzville based on availability.

pricing / duration / impressions

$150 / 3 days / 2,160 views

$250 / 7 days / 5,040 views

Your ad will be displayed for 10 seconds, every other minute.

To begin the process, complete the form below to be directed to photo and payment instructions. We will email you a copy of the layout, the dates your ad will run, and the billboard location once payment has been received.

If you need additional information or have any questions, please contact our office. Thank you!

Grad Cap

Grad Arrow

Class of 2021

Holt School Spirit

Timberland School Spirit

Liberty School Spirit

Warrenton School Spirit

Wright City School Spirit

grad ad
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